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Marfil: lame yarn production

Made with a special blend of synthetic fibers combined with an aluminum powder, the lamè, with its distinctive metallic luster, is used in many processes, from weaving to knitwear, from furnishing to fashion, from embroidery to decorations. For its versatility and for the wonderful effect of brilliance and color has become a landmark in the collections of all the most famous brands, which continue to be inspired in their more original and suggestive collections.

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Marfil, with an experience of over thirty years in the production of synthetic yarn of all kinds and compositions, produces yarn Lamè with appearance, type and thickness different, so you can meet any need and processing, both in the textile and apparel, both for the traditional processes, such as knitting and embroidery.
The wide selection of LAME’ products by Marfil includes bobins of bright, matt, iridescent or transparent unsupported yarn, excellent for use in weaving, also resistant to ironing and solvents; the lamè supported with nylon yarn to get a particularly resistant yarn, right in making labels, in weaving and for the realization of decorative ribbons and trimming; fancy yarn of lame twisted with rayon, polyester or nylon, right for use in weaving and knitting.

Then again, yarn soft, light and thin, resistant to dyes and treatments, are created for use in hosiery, including the production of the hight couture; resistant yarns and of great aesthetic effect, perfect for the realization of elaborate embroidery with industrial machines. In addition, soft and thin yarn to create embroidery and handmade decorations, available in a wide variety of colors, with iridescent and metallic effects.

All Marfil Metallic yarn are made following the standards of production for this goods, so as to ensure maximum adaptability and the highest quality,