Yarns production

The manufacture of the yarns is a complex procedure, which follows different paths according to the intended use and the type of the yarn to be produced. In any case, that they are yarns for hand knitting, for knitting, weaving or knitting industrial, manufacturing, always implies a great deal of attention in the processing, a careful selection of raw materials, and a constant control of the production cycle, so as to always get high quality products, perfect, suitable for use in all contexts in the clothing, furnishing textiles, haute couture and in artistic.

Marfil designs and produces yarn for every kind of use and productive environment, elegant clothing and sportswear, high fashion, furnishing fabrics, selecting raw materials of consistent quality and following modern production techniques and accurate, with the confidence to create collections of yarns knitting crafts and industrial and weaving impressive and with the guarantee of getting final results always perfect ..

Thanks to a continuous research, Marfil designs and produces yarns always with a new range of colors suitable to any style and trend, from classic and sober for the fantastic multicolor effects.