Fancy Yarns

The fancy yarns are the expression of creativity and color, a rainbow of light and emotions, joy and brilliance turned into a long colored yarn. By their very nature whimsical and polychrome, this type of yarn does not follow a standard classic, but adapts to the fashion trends of the moment, presenting nuances in appearance and more current. To satisfy the desire of creativity and color, Marfil creates beautiful collections of fancy yarns, which are easily adapted to the realization of the most original and unusual artifacts, adding to the heads created the value of the raw materials of high quality and elegance of Eclectic, contemporary and casual.

The choice of fancy yarns is endless, ever-changing and evolving, linked to the latest in hues and unusual materials and innovative. Soft chenille yarns boucle effect, versatile and elegant, plain or multicolored yarns to achieve very warm faux fur crafts and colorful, perfect for creating customized fashion accessories, cords and colored ribbon, woven yarn of a different nature, and sparkling decorated with beads, sequins and metallic threads: fancy yarns, as is perceptible already from the name, follow every idea more whimsical and unusual, always finding the right way to realize the form.

Marfil fancy yarns are made with higher quality materials that make them unique to gloss, color and resistance, available in more soft and delicate. The color palette of fancy yarn is really endless, and allows you to play with color effects and shades, the results are impressive and refinement.