Knitting Yarns

Softness, warmth, sensuality, charm: the quality and uniqueness of knitting yarn are determined by a set of elements and details that, in perfect balance with each other, they create a perfect product, durable, malleable and, especially , comfortable and stylish. The very nature of the knitting yarn is eclectic, variable, heterogeneous composition of the plots and atmosphere evoked by them: colors, fragrances and landscapes of beautiful and distant countries.

Precious and refined, the knitting yarn of Marfil meet all production requirements, from knitwear industrial furnishings, fit the complex creativity of hand knitting, fulfill every desire of color, mood and originality. With an infinite range of shades, from the most subtle to the most vibrant tones to dark, from the effects mélange yarns embellished by the addition of sparkling lurex, the knitting yarn mix, merge and intertwine raw materials of high quality, whose origin different bears a pleasant touch of cosmopolitan, refined nomadism, of innovative elegance.

Woolen threads glossy and shiny, brightly colored, delicate mohair, soft and fluffy, ancient and precious yarns like cashmere and silk, cotton and linen, meet and intertwine with each other to create volumes, emotions, contrasts , playing sometimes with fibers of a different nature, velvet, chenille, synthetic fibers, to build a collection of knitting yarn full of surprises and enchantment, in a rainbow of colors and patterns that can find the right size for every shape and every idea.
Products following high quality standards, the Marfil knitting yarn are stunning to look at, and perfect to make garments elegant and precious, with the guarantee of high quality of both the materials, both in production techniques.