Lamè Yarns

Thin, light and sparkling, yarn lame is synonymous with elegance, luxury and refinement, with that unmistakable effect of light that gives originality to every head and charm to the wearer. The metallic wire, an essential component of this unique yarn, combined with high quality raw materials such as wool, silk, cashmere or synthetic, as a result offers a magical mix of brilliance and iridescence, which has become a cult inevitable in the collections of high fashion international.

To possess the characteristics that make it unique, and ensure an extraordinary final effect, the lame yarn must be produced with high quality materials, respecting precise and rigorous production standards and control. Marfil, the leader in the production of yarns for weaving and knitting, produces beautiful lamé yarns of any weight and texture, ideal for both the industry and for high fashion that furnishing textiles: an extremely versatile product , able to give an absolute guarantee of a perfect and unique for elegance, quality and technique.